Debra Legg Piano Service


Rockport, MA


Piano Care



Service:  Manufacturers recommend tuning your piano a minimum of two times each year.


Location:  You should avoid placing your piano near a window, heat or A/C source, fireplace or outside door.  Pianos react negatively to changes in temperature, humidity and direct sunlight.  Avoiding all improper locations can often be impossible.  I can offer reasonable solutions to most location difficulties.


Avoid food and drinks near your piano:  These are easily spilled causing damage to the finish, sticking keys, broken action parts and rusty strings.


Objects placed on your piano:  Pianos beautifully display family photos and knicknacks.  Be aware that these objects may scratch the finish and/or cause distracting vibrations when you are playing your piano.  Candle wax and water from plants or vases of flowers can damage the finish and action parts.  If you do display items on your piano use care and please remove them prior to your tuning appointment.


Cleaning:  Use a soft, dry cloth to dust your piano.  Do not use furniture polish!  Most polishes contain silicone, a lubricant that can permanently damage your piano.  Piano keys can be cleaned with a soft, slightly damp cloth.  You may use a small amount of liquid dish soap for stubborn dirt.  Never spray anything on the keys or use excessive moisture.  Do not attempt to clean inside your piano.  There are hundreds of delicate parts that are best cleaned by a technician.